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Staying Motivated and Engaged at your Workplace

Being hired for an to work at an office can be an exciting adventure; you get your own desk, maybe a cubicle, and your very own stapler that you can put your name on with a sharpie pen. Let’s be honest from the time you were a child and watched your parents leave every morning, you wanted to know what it felt like to say, “I have to go to work.” You may have even dreamed of working in the same professional field as your parents, thus when you finally are blessed with a new position, you have a sense of accomplishment.

Jacob Felder was hired at a prestigious law firm as a paralegal. He was excited to be assigned his work station and get assigned his new task. Jacob didn’t mind organizing files, drafting documents and conducting legal research, but what happens when you’ve learned how to do the job assigned to you and all of the excitement wears off? Jacob has shared ideas with his superiors that could potentially help the office run smoother. Unfortunately, his ideas were overlooked and never implemented. After a while, Jacob reported to the office manager that he felt like a hamster on a wheel, and was greatly afraid he chose the wrong profession. While he was extremely organized and the law firm constantly praised his work effort, Jacob quit the law firm after 2 years. His last year with the firm, he was less engaged and motivated had grown progressively pessimistic with each assignment.

No matter what field you choose for your career; the monotony of doing the same action day after day, can put a damper on your enthusiasm. In fact, some of the most innovative companies have invested in making sure they keep their employees engaged to build a strong culture. Statistics have shown that a strong company culture translates to employee loyalty, employee retention, and growth potential. The ability for companies to spot the potentiality of their employees makes the work environment less stressful and employees' morale is positively impacted by astute leadership.

Maryse Scott has worked for a well-known life insurance company for over 10 years. During her tenure as a life examiner, she has seen individuals come and go; many people are terminated within the first year of employment. While Maryse considers herself lucky, she finds that she often daydreams about working somewhere else. Maryse was never brought into a meeting to chart her progress and after 10 years she can only count on one hand how many times she received any compliments. Maryse can’t help but wonder if she could make more money doing less work at the other competing insurance corporations. Maryse is on the verge of taking her seasoned talent and wealth of knowledge to work somewhere else. This is the kind of issue most company’s face by not making sure the employees are engaged and motivated; not only in their day to day tasks but also in excitement for the growth of the establishment as a whole.

Engagement is more than an employee’s responsibility. The company has to also offer incentives, rewards and other gestures to show that the employee is appreciated and feels a sense of security. Making sure employees are engaged and motivated is a collaborative effort that is easily achieved.

What can employers do to keep their workers motivated and engaged?

  1. Employers must survey and observe their team. By finding out what is needed and desired by your employees feel empowered and that their voice is heard.

  2. Don’t just dictate work, make your employee’s part of the process Your Team should be kept up to date with any changes on the horizon. It would also be helpful if they are asked about ways to streamline any new implementations.

  3. Open Door Policy Your employees should feel they can speak to management with any problems or concerns. By allowing open dialogue, the work environment is less stressful.

  4. Good leadership Leaders that are set over a team should be confident and secure, diplomatic mediators and fair rulers. While there are targets to be met, task and company goals should be rendered firmly but with encouragement that you are confident the team can handle their task.

  5. Think outside of the Box Companies are using technology, outside consulting firms and other creative activities to make sure they break the monotony of everyday tasks.

The insurance company lost Maryse Scott’s attention, she was overwhelmed with the task and there was not enough positive reinforcement to hold her attention. There was no positive feedback and if the company were to follow up with her each month and gage how she felt they would have empowered her by letting her know she is a valued employee. An employer should give countless compliments and positive reinforcement. Statistics prove that positive reinforcement from superiors raises the morale of the entire office. As the old saying goes, a kind word goes a long way.

What steps can an employee take to keep themselves motivated and engaged?

  1. Organize your day Make sure you know what it is you are to do and allow yourself enough time to accomplish each goal. Your task may change so list your task from most to least important.

  2. Be Open to Change As previously stated, your task, as well as the organization, may change, you have to remain open to the process. Knowing that while you may have to adapt therefore be patient and remain flexible.

  3. Don’t forget to take a break I know it’s hard to believe, but statistics show many people are so wrapped up in their work that they skip taking breaks. Allowing some time for your mind to rest will help you to stay engaged with your task so make sure you take a break and remove yourself from your desk. Go outside for fresh air or take a walk around your office, you will find that when you return you feel renewed and able to handle the task at hand.

  4. Meditation and positive affirmations A good habit before you start your day is to find a quiet place and say positive affirmations. Even if you are just saying, Today will be a great day, it is important to raise your frequency and start your day out on a high note.

  5. Develop an optimistic attitude While you don’t have control of every variable of your day; you can control your response. Make sure you respond to life’s hiccups with a jovial heart and a positive attitude. You will be surprised how this alone helps you maneuver through complex problems to easy solutions.

Jacob Felder was organized and enthusiastic when he started, unfortunately, he became pessimistic. Being able to gauge your own attitude will help you to stay motivated during times you do not receive positive reinforcement from your superiors. Jacob could have chosen to do activities that kept him motivated at work. If Jacob stayed engaged and motivated, he could have continued to feel excited and perhaps presented his idea a second time. Retaining an excited worker with fresh ideas is an asset to any organization; esteeming yourself knowing your own value is imported to keeping your enthusiasm high. Remember your attitude determines your altitude.

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