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Do We Get What We Deserve Or What We Believe?

Most of us are familiar with the phrase “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” This statement immediately brings me back to 1990. On a sunny Saturday morning, when I would excitedly leap out of bed to discover all that life has to offer; and at age 10 it was all about watching cartoons while eating a massive bowl of cereal.

A drastic shift in my young mind occurred as I pondered the words of my infamous 5th-grade teacher who would constantly remind me that “A mind was a terrible thing to waste.” That quote was applied whenever I would challenge the status quo. However, this quote was misused by this, “educator,” in an attempt to get me to blindly follow authority.

For example, after reading the declaration of independence. I decided not to stand for the pledge of allegiance because I felt the song was incredibly offensive and a bit of an oxymoron considering there was no justice for all during enslavement or after it. It is common knowledge that enslavement is a brutal and unjust practice, so why would anyone salute a song that cherishes the mistreatment of my ancestors? My resistance to standing resulted in my journey to the principal’s office. When asked to explain myself, I frankly told my mom and the principal that forcing me to stand was a violation of my constitutional rights. After weeks of battling with the school administration, the board decided in my favor and, I was able to remain seated.

I will admit, I have an inclination to a rebellious nature; coupled with my love for reading, I have always traveled beyond limits dictated by worldly constraints. My mind was elevated through books that allowed me to experience world revolutions, visit foreign lands and connect emotionally to various characters. Little did I know I was planting seeds of courage, wisdom, and ambition into my soul. My mind was evolving, I became a problem solver, an astute critical thinker.

Then suddenly an aha moment!! My revelation was that all heroes, visionaries, leaders, world changers, artists share one common denominator, they were willing to travel beyond the restrictions. These extraordinary individuals never got what they deserved; they got what they believed or better yet they were able to accomplish the impossible by their unwavering faith & internal belief system. This true enlightened me because no matter their circumstances or walk of life, it can be applied in any arena.

Harriet Tubman, born a slave but was fighting for freedom. She was able to free about a thousand plus slaves in a desolate underground railroad! Or the poor little black girl from Mississippi who was abused, abandoned, rejected but still became the number one talk show host and billionaire better known as Oprah Winfrey. The extraordinary resilience it took for them to accomplish these amazing feats.

In 2017 when Dr. Roshawnna Novellus founded EnrichHER; the only debt-based crowdfunding lending platform. Dr. Novellus was able to create her business using algorithms that pull back the many layers of bias racial lending practices. Such unfair habits have been used traditionally as a weapon of economic mass destruction to disenfranchise and discriminate against women and minorities to keep the working-class poor. Hard work alone does not create financial freedom but having access to capital, connections, technology, and the right mentors will open the door to financial freedom. EnrichHER emerged as a solution to this problem.

Tiara “Tizo” Zolnierz discussing EnrichHER with Roshawnna Novellus, Founder EnrichHER.

I joined EnrichHer and became part of a team whose mission it is to change the world. You have to have belief in the impossible and never allowing society to tell you what you deserve. Be your own advocate and turn your dreams into reality by believing in yourself and creating the changes you want to see in this world. Be bold, be brave, and take action!

Tiara Zolnierz is a co-Founder of EnrichHER, a platform that helps women get funding to grow incredible ventures through ecosystem building (EnrichHER Spark) and capital (EnrichHER Funding). In her spare time, she uses her talents as a premier lyricist, songwriter, author, and music producer.

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